Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wheres Mama?

So I wrote out the last post and all was well. Then Mavery began to get hyper. Then she fell asleep. Then woke up screaming staring right at me telling me she wanted her mama. Pushing me away and ticked off. At first I almost lost it. Then it actually became kind of comical. At this point what can you do, cry or laugh. I really just want to laugh, I can't hardly take sad right now.
The nurse said this can be normal coming off of drugs and being on morphine. Thankfully she is not hyper and she does know Mark. I guess if I had a bald head I would be easier to recognize! I will trust this will wear off and leave my hair alone for now. Though a shaved head would be easy....

The times I have been in the waiting room today, my heart just breaks. I can hardly stand it. A girl was in there just sobbing and Esther & I went over to her and asked her if she was ok. She said the doctors told her that her 3 month old baby boy will die by tomorrow. From what I could understand (she is vietnamese) her baby got shaken baby sydnrome at the babysitters. He is brain dead. His name is Kenny. She asked me what was wrong with my child. How do you tell her that my child is doing so good? Tonight I heard a man say his children were in a terrible sledding accident today and it sounds like his daughter is in a coma and not good. I just sat out there and prayed for peace and for Gods arms to stretch around the entire room. So many tears in this place. Isn't it a blessing to know that God holds each tear that falls here? He records them in His book... When you pray for Mavery, please think of these other families, especially baby Kennys family. Their sobbing will echo in my heart for a long time.

Mark left the room and Mavery went frantic wanting her mommy and daddy. This is not fun. She is calm and laying here staring at me daring me to come near her. So I just sit back and wait. I know she will come out of this and as long as she is laying calm, I am really ok.

If you could, pray for my kids at home. The school called today because Sawyer felt sick. I really think it is worry. All 3 older ones will be at friends houses tomorrow night so they are excited about that. Sage told Mark tonight she does not have a friend no more. Hopefully this weekend the kids can come see us up here and hopefully we will be home very soon!

Silly maybe to pray for, but our nurse told us to hope we get a window bed tomorrow on the floor. Much better she claimed than the other side of the room. You get a bed versus a chair. Sounds good to me, can I preorder that? No. Ok, I am not against asking God for a little favor for our stay over there! ;0) A good nights sleep is a good thing, right? And on that note, we are going to try to get sleep here. Who knows what our night or tomorrow holds!


Anonymous said...

Shannon - my heart does break for all of the Mom's and Dad's in that room! I noticed much sadness and uncertainty when I was there yesterday. I will pray that God's angels will surround that place - especially Kenny's Mom! Please give Mavery a kiss for me and tell her Anunt Bubby will see her tomorrow. Hang in there Babe - you guys are doing great!

Love ya

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

That is just so sad about Kenny and the other families that are not receiving such great news. I'm in tears....

I will be praying for everyone!!!