Friday, January 16, 2009

Sweet Jinhua BOYS!!! & a prayer request

Remember when we visited Maverys orphanage and were able to hug on 2 sweet boys? Well they are FINALLY in their mamas arms! I have loved getting up and reading all about their adventures this week and meant to post for you the links to their sites. Benjamin, the little guy, you can find their site by clicking here. And if that does not work you can type in Nathans family is here or
The really cool thing is that they were able to spend so much more time visiting with Mr Jin (the assistant director that I had talked about) They refer to him as Uncle Jin and he asked Cythina to bookmark all our blogs on his computer for him. How sweet is that?! I hate that our visit was so short with him and at the SWI that day. Benjamin has done AMAZING, way more calm than Mavery was! So if you get a chance, go on over and see those cute boys with their families. Vedder Family has some wonderful pictures of their day at Jinhua and the sweet children still waiting. One waiting for heart surgery. ;-(
On another adoption note, there is a blog that I read that always inspires me. They have adopted many children. In fact just returned from Africa with 2 babies, while waiting for their daughter to come home from China! Their home burned to the ground this week, and they need our prayers. Please visit their blog here at


Jackie said...

Shannon, I'm a member of the CHI Group and have been following your blog ever since you went to get Mavery. I have something for you at my blog, and since I'm new to this blogging thing, you were one of the only ten people I could think to give it to, lol, pretty lame I know!

Anonymous said...

I agree - Sawyer is certainly something special! We love him very much and are hoping that maybe soon he will get another boy cousin! (I know the age difference will not be what he wants, but beggers can't be choosers!)

Terry and deb