Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Maverys Morning

I wish I had taken a picture of Mavery marching into the hospital. She had her robe on, sweet little houseshoes that look like cowgirl boots, and her bracelet. Not enough bling though, she was very happy that Jenny brought her a necklace and bracelet and flashlight and stickers! She was nervous when we went back and they wanted to start checking things on her. But once she got the happy juice, she was good! Did not take long. They came in to tell us that things were going to move very fast because there is a heart transplant after the doctor is done with Mavery. No worries, I made sure that they were not going to be rushing through Maverys surgery! They promised it was simply the getting started. Which is good, I hate sitting waiting for that.
She left me willingly, all it took was the doctor offering stickers and she was in her arms quickly! So we know that she was out of it. They will take her back and put gas on her right away. They brought out the mask to show her, it smelled like strawberries!
We have our own waiting room, which is nice. The door closes and you have alot of privacy. Couch, chairs, tv, nice. We have a phone in here and they promised they would call every hour with an update. I expect that should happen soon as they took her about 8AM.
It was hard, much harder than last time. I can't even go into that or I will lose it. So instead a funny.
She is in the hospital pjs and so the nurse came in to meet us that will be with her. First she calls her MAvery (like Apple). Then she said "he likes this". She said he a couple of times (first time I am thinking it was just a speech error) I said, "you know she is a girl right?" She did not. I was thinking, what a surprise that would be when they go to put in the cath! ;0) Poor Mavery and her boy haircut!
Thank you for your notes and prayers. I will keep you posted. And please keep the transplant patient in your prayers. How scary. Obviously a family lost and a family gains. Pray for both invovled.

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bugs parents said...

I've been following your journey with Mavery since I fell in love with her on the waiting child list!

We'll be praying for you and Mavery all day. Praying you can be calm and have peace; for Mavery and the surgeons that everything goes fine.

We'll also be praying for all involved in the heart transplant.