Monday, January 26, 2009

Want to Shred?

Remember, I am not going to diet this year. But so far, I am doing so far the opposite that I am in trouble. BIG trouble. Big as in getting bigger by the brownies. And anything else that sounds better than thinking about heart surgery. My sis in law bought the new Jillian Michaels work out and since I am a fan, and was ordering some things on amazon, went ahead and bought it. We are faithful watchers of the Biggest Loser. As my sweet friend insinuated, I probably watch it to feel better about myself. ;-) And I do watch it while eating a bowl of cookie dough, or something similar. Sigh.. So the DVD tells me I can lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days, I am all for that! But I was thinking I So need a partner or 3 to MOTIVATE me! Anyone want to partner with me? This of course will not be starting till at least the middle of February for me obviously. Which gives you plenty of time to buy the shred. (less than $10 on amazon) I plan to start mid February and torture myself for 30 days straight. No dieting, however, I am going to try to wean myself off of my diet coke addiction. And my cookie dough, and a few other things. But again, not yet. I need all the chocolate and comfort I can get in the next week! After that, I want Jillians body! ;0) Anyone with me?


Jackie said...

Shannon, I've been following your blog ever since you brought Mavery home. My husband and I have an LID for our daughter from China of 1-10-08. Yeah, I know, what a horribly long wait we have, BUT.....we've been prayerfully thinking about switching to the SN program because of blogs like yours and others that I lurk on. That was just something I wanted you to know.

And now, the reason for the post, I will gladly journey along with you while we Shred a few pounds. Just let me know when you're going to start. My blog URL is and my email is

Jackie said...

P.S. I will be praying and thinking about Mavery and your family all day Wednesday and beyond.

Cristy said...

My daughter is having MAJOR surgery in March this year, and so I understand the brownie obsession.

I started the 30 day shred a few weeks ago, but I haven't done it daily ( I was too sore!) so I will try and join in and up my workouts!

Praying for Mavery!

Amber said...

I'm game...I think. :)