Tuesday, January 06, 2009

When will she crash?

I thought they told me that would happen at 3pm... She did nap today, which was her normal naptime. And yes, I did get to sleep with her for a little bit. I felt much better, and she woke up able to walk. I knew when she woke that she was better. She was smiling at me, she was standing in the crib, it made my heart lighter. Happy but HYPER. Doing flips across my bed, running circles around the house, trying to ride Daddy like a horse. You know, all the things they told us NOT to let her do for a week.

We were very thankful that Monte brought dinner over. If you have never had a Monte meal, I am sorry. It was even complete with chocolate pie. Now that is a true friend. Reads my blogs and yet ignores my resolutions and brings me chocolate when she knows it is needed! I sat on the couch tonight and enjoyed the pie while watching the Biggest Loser. So you can tell I am doing good with the New Year. At least I am blogging more!

Mark took Mavery for a drive to get the kids, as the car seat is the safest place for her! But they all came back and we had 2 very crabby chinese girls on our hands. Sage was crying about everything. I was patting her on the back and had my back turned to Mavery and she climbed up on the couch and did a flip off. I think it is going to be a long week. And I do not think Sage is going to do so well during surgery week. She wanted to go to the doctor to get medicine to she told me.

Thankfully everyone, including Mavery, are sleeping now. Mavery cried a little, but not to bad. I just pray that tonight she sleeps, that everyone sleeps. Because I do not do well with no sleep. Nothing like spending a long day at a hospital holding your child down on a bed, hearing shocking news, coming home and not getting sleep, while trying to process all that news while dealing with a wild child.

Fun times..

But, I do want you to know that we appreciate the comments, emails, phone calls that you are sending. Some I am tucking away to read when I am not so emotional. Will I come to a point of being not so emotional?


Lisa said...

My sweet cousins; what a week you are having. Mavery is the most blessed child on the planet by being a part of your precious family. You are blessed with great medical care and great endurance. I never pray for patience! God created that little gal with her forever family in mind. He has that giant plan already in motion for you. We love you and will continue in prayer for you all! Blessings from the Fallons

Stephanie said...

Shannon, I was up in the night and the Lord had the song from your blog running through my mind. I knew I was supposed to pray for you. Please know I kept watch over you in the night. :) I asked God for His sweet mercy to be made fresh first thing to YOU this morning. Isaiah 33:6 has been my verse this week. It says God is your constant source of security. He provide safety and gives great wisdom to those who stand din awe and amazement of Him.
Praying God's favor over your family today,