Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pain & Red Envelopes

Mavery woke and was really hurting. You know as a mama you can tell the difference between the ow, I am ticked off and the ow I am in so much pain and I want you to fix it mama. And so as a mom you also know how hard that is to watch your child hurting so badly and asking you to pick them up and the break your heart into a million tiny pieces kind of pain that you can do nothing about but cry over them and pray that it goes away quickly. They came in and took the oxygen off, which had me nervous because I don't know if I mentioned that Mavery has a thing of holding her breath. Which is normal and all I know for toddlers but not something you enjoy seeing after heart surgery. So I asked the nurse if she was sure that it is safe. (don't you know that the nurses and doctors love it when we act as if we have ANY sort of medical knowledge by asking them these things!) She said it was and if she held her breath it is ok as long as we get her to eventually take another breath.

By the way our nurses have been wonderful as have all the doctors.

So tube out of nose, good thing. Slowly taking some of the other lines out today. I asked again about moving to the regular floor and our new nurse said maybe, but not sure. She said we would watch and she said sometimes they will wait the extra night. I am mixed because I know we will be sharing a room after we leave this one and can you imagine having Mavery as your roommate? Or me for that matter? ;0) But she said then we have a bathroom in our room, can eat it in the room, have a bed etc.. Here we just have a chair w/ a footstool. Which is to far from the bed to see Mavery so I sit in just a not as comfy chair so I can jump up every time she makes a noise.

Doctor did come by this morning. I asked again about the patch, why they did not just put a new patch over it in the first place if they knew there was some holes. (back to the we think we know more than the doctors) It is WAY to technical for me to explain, and I sure wish doctors sent emails so I could go back and make sense of anything. It made sense when he explained it and the bleeding was not going on when they closed her up the first time. They used tissue to patch it and that tissue came from leftovers from her aneurysm that was in there.

He again mentioned the lung profusion scan which is sort of like an mri in a way. He said it needed to happen after a few days but can't happen on Sundays so if we go home he will schedule it for a later date. I reminded him that if we waited, she would have to be sedated because there is NO WAY this child will lay still for that test. He then said we would do that tomorrow so she is already on lines to be sedated. It will just let them know more about those pressures.

One lady that has been in the ICU, a doctor of something but we have seen so many I honestly don't know of what. Anyways, she is asian and asked about our adoptions and Maverys chinese name and come to find out she is from Tawain! (which is where Esther, my brothers girlfriend is from) She was here last night and today brought Mavery a red envelope for Chinese New Year, which I just thought was so sweet!

Speaking of Esther, she and my brother came to town! I think it was partly because they had been with out electricity for awhile, but I know that they also wanted to be with Mavery. We can't wait to see them!

Last night my cousin came with a cooler full of drinks, enough for the entire waiting room I think! Along with chocolate brownies and grapes. She must be TRYING to help me on my road to eating better, kind of! ;-) We have also had other bags of goodies brought and I am thankful for those. Thankful for to many things to even list right now!


Mom to my China Posse said...

I smiled when I read your cousin brought grapes because when we were in with Andrew a friend brought a basket of fruit which I would have never thought to do and it was that basket of fruit that i found myself munching on and not the chocolate I so craved at home. God knew Momma didn't know anymore chocalate to make me crazy. lol.... I am so glad you slept last night and that you are surrounded by friends and family. Hope the rest of your stay will be uneventful and that you all will be home soon. Kathy

The Hickels said...

So glad to hear you got to hold Mavery this morning...thank goodness for leaky sippy cups! I remember that first chance to hold Elizabeth after having had to watch her with all of those lines coming off of her lay there when all I wanted to do was scoop her up and hold her. Human touch is such a powerful thing from Mom and child. Hang in there!