Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Maverys Blog

Pictures from when we got home from the hospital last week. Looking pretty drugged.

These were the day after, she is looking much better, and happy to have the pacifier!

Still not looking like herself though.

I took these of her leg just this weekend. She is so bruised up as you can see. You can kind of see between her fingers where they went in. Such tiny pin prick holes, how do they get a tube through that? Crazy. She was still covered in the tape marks because she could not take a bath yet to soak that all off.

I added some pictures of Mavery over on her blog, just click here .Today we celebrate 3 months together, can you believe it? In honor of 3 months, Mark and I got flu shots. Just kidding, that was not in honor of, it was because our doctor told us we should do that for Maverys safety after surgery. It hurt! No wonder our kids scream about shots! ;0) We are hoping that since we had tetanus shots for the adoption, that covers our whooping cough that they recommend. We think they are in one shot? Checking on that tomorrow. Still have another post with some news to share, but I am to tired. Tomorrow, I promise.


The Hickels said...

My flu shot sure hurt this fall! Greg said I was milking it for all it was worth, but it really did hurt for several days afterwards. Will be praying that things go well on the 28th (won't forget that as it's Speech & Word day for our kiddos) and in the days following, too.

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Oh poor baby! But thank God they are able to do these things to help our children.

I don't like shots either! ouch!


Anonymous said...

usually tetnus shots are given as part of the DPT which is Diptheria, Pertussis (also know as Whooping Cough), and Tetnus


Anonymous said...

Sorry Shannon,
Typically adults get the td not DPT. The td only has diptheria and tetanus, NOT pertussis. Kids get the DPT.
Prayers for your family and sweet Mavery,
Sandy in NC