Sunday, January 25, 2009

Spotlight Sunday~~Makenna

My oldest, my mini me. Makenna Kaylee. We have gone through alot of adjustments in the last few years as we enter this pre-teen stage of life. But I have to say, things have been better overall I think recently. Sending her off to school has scared me very much for that reason. We were finally at a good point of getting over being pulled out of school. Though I am thinking after the reality of school, she might be quite ready to come back home in the fall!
Makenna is an amazing big sister. She is SOOO creative with the kids and always coming up with an idea to keep them busy. They all adore her and think she is the best. She is a great "screenwriter" and we get to see many plays around here that she writes, and directs.
She is very artistic. She is constantly drawing pictures or making cards. She loves to make gifts to give away.
She is also a good writer. She writes songs, stories and of course the plays. She has piles and piles of things she has written. The trees in this world will be very happy when she can type on a computer instead of writing! ;-)
She loves to sing and is sure that one day she is going to be a singer. Recently she acquired a guitar from her cousin Brett. After surgery we plan to get her to start taking some lessons.
If she is not a singer, she wants to be a vet. She loves all animals, dogs being her favorite. She is always begging us to get another dog.
Makenna has been a lifesaver to me in this past month, sensing when I am very stressed and being willing to help out when needed. I am very thankful for her and miss her much now that she is at school! She has started tagging along with me to get groceries or when I am out running errands and I enjoy her as a daughter and as a friend!


robbieniccum said...

Hi Shannon. I rarely blog surf. I am a mom of 6, keeping up with my friends is usually plenty...but for whatever reason today, I surfed and found you. I have 4 girls 15,14,6,and 5 and two boys 3, and 1. I think that this particular post is SO sweet, spotlighting your tween and praising all the good in her. I should try that...even if not on my blog, but in my journal...they really do have many excellent qualities when we take the time to focus on them :)
Also, you and Mavery are in my prayers..
I hope you don't mind that I dropped in :)

Anonymous said...

She really is very special - and YES, she is a mini you! Let her know that we love her very much and are so proud of her!

Deb and Terry

Anonymous said...

Makenna~You are a very special young lady!! Thank you for all you do to help me, especially with MOPS!!! I love you very much and enjoy spending time with you!!! I know that you feel the same way :)