Wednesday, January 28, 2009

She is out of surgery

The surgeon just came in. She is out of surgery and we will see her in an hour or so. But, the doctor is baffled and this is never a good thing. He did what he planned to do, removed the aneurysm and fixed the right and left artery, both were blocked. But, the patch that was already in place, needed to be repaired. There were a ton of "leaks" in the patch and they spent a long time fixing those. The concern is that she could continue bleeding from these holes, but she had not stopped, or something along those lines. So, they have left the vent on her and will watch her. If things are not better tonight, they will have to go back in. He THINKS things will be ok, and it will get better on it's own. But they don't want to take the cath out if they might have to go in.

The other issue is that the pressures were still higher than they should be after this repair. This is what baffled him. It could indicate more blockage farther out in the branches of the lungs. It is improved and there is no short term danger. They will do another lung profusion scan before we leave to check things out. It is not something that they will fix while she is here, he does not want anyone messing in there right now. He said he will talk to Dr Goel(our cardiologist) and we will decide on course of action for that.

We of course are very devastated and just asking that you pray with us. Most important that the bleeding stops and they do not need to go back in tonight. We will deal with the other problem later, but I just do not want her to be put back into surgery today.

Please pray for me as I finally get to see her soon. Obviously they are going to be keeping her very sedated and yesterday they told me "prepare for her to look dead".

On a good note, I asked when she can go home and he said he hoped she would be home in time for the superbowl! ;0)


Anonymous said...

We are praying that the bleeding stops and she is on the road to recovery

Marcy said...

Shannon...Mavery will continue to be in our prayers.

Marcy in KY

bugs parents said...

We will continue to pray for Mavery - and for you. Remember, God was not surprised by the surgeon's news today. Cling to your hope in Him.

Momtofour said...

Shannon, We are lifting Mavery up in prayer, that the bleeding will stop and no more surgery will be needed. We are praying for strength for you as you are able to be with her for the first time since the surgery, and that God will hold you up and give you strength. God bless!


Chisum Family said...

Shannon we haven't stopped interceding and clinging to the promises for Mavery. He knows your struggle right now..lean into those all sustaining arms and know we're standing with you and for you.

Much love--Leigh

The Hickels said...


So sorry that the news was not what we'd all hoped you'd hear today. We're praying. From someone who has had to go into the Cardiac ICU three times now to see loved ones after open heart surgery...there word to you that she'll look dead is pretty accurate. She'll probably also feel quite cold to you and could be quite bloated. Just remember that, no matter what she looks like, she's your little girl and she needs her mommy right now...and she'll soon look like herself again.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon--
I am a follower of your journey and an adoptive mommy of a little girl from China the same age as Mavery. I am praying for your sweet girl--that God is holding her sweet little heart in the palm of His hand--and that He will make sure that she will not have to go through anymore today. I have passed your story to my bible group and they are also all praying for Mavery.

Many blessings coming your way...

Anonymous said...

Shannon and Mark you know we are all praying and right there with you!

Julie and Jason

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Lifting Mavery up in prayer!!!


paula said...


I am sorry the news wasn't what you hoped for. I am praying for strength and healing. Hang in there. We are all here for you and in continueous prayer.


Anonymous said...

Ray is there with you, but I am stuck here recovering from a cold. I am following closely and praying almost constantly as I continue to update Dawn and my folks. It is wonderful to see that you have so many holding Mavery up to our great God in Heaven. Much love, Judy

robbieniccum said...

you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Karen said...

Still praying

Princess said...

Shannon, our prayers are with your family and Mavery.