Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hair, shots and life..

Kind of random, actually, I guess I tend to be random! And these are not great pictures, but you can see the hair!

  • I finally went to visit my hair friend tonight. Remember the whole budget thing? Well, I attempted to cut Malaines bangs myself. And after the kids laughed hysterically at her and then asked me about the black stripe down the center of my hair, I figured we had to get professional help. So I told Gina I need something besides blond. While I like it, to high maintenance and since I barely have time to do, ANYTHING, I need to not have black stripes. So we covered up lots of blond, threw in some red and in her words it looks like a cherry cola candycane! ;0) I think next time I will go for bigger chunks of red, I like it.
  • Had our whooping cough shot today. Oh there is a professional name for it, but I can't remember what that would be. There is a combo, but that is a new thing and so when we had tetanus in 2006, they did not combine. And now they only have combined. So now we have double tetanus in us. And it hurts worse than the flu shot and I have a headache. Of course that might be from having kids.
  • We got the letter for Maverys pre-op appointment on the 27th. Looks like another fun filled day at the hospital. We have appointments starting at 10, the last at one, followed by a meeting with the surgeon and a visit of where we will be. I think this time I will pack Mavery a lunch. And m&m's, lots of bribing going on I am sure.
  • Makenna had molds made yesterday at the orthodontist. She will be getting braces on sometime in the next month or so. So saving money is honestly just a joke this year.
  • I ventured to the mall with the kids today. Yes, I know, coldest day and all that. But, we NEVER leave the house, and we were ready from going out for shots. I was on a mission to find Mavery a cute robe for the hospital. I found one. Not that cute, but do you know robes are just not easy to find! Clearance though, I like that. I do NOT like shopping with kids. Try taking your kids out shopping that are older and should be at school, along with 2 chinese girls dressed alike. It takes a long time to walk as you are asked this..
  1. Is school out?
  2. Why are they not in school?
  3. Is it a day off?
  4. Are they twins?
  5. Are they biological sisters?
  6. Are they yours?
  7. Are they related to each other?
  8. how are they so close in age?
  • And I don't mind questions at all, but if you know me you know I tend to be very open which means it takes a long time to tell that story. Which then reminds me why shopping alone is so much more fun.
  • Talked to my friend today, her daughter had open heart surgery 2 years ago. She spent 2 weeks in the hospital. I am sure hoping we are home in the 5ish day range. It was good to get details.
  • I think that sums up life here this week!


annaliese said...

I think the shot is pertussus (not sure it is spelled that way) random--but there you have it.

I totally understand about the questions being asked (not the twin one, of course)--they do get old after the third person or so :)

thanks for the post--oh, and of course--LOVE the hair--you sassy momma!!!!

Mom to my China Posse said...

Love your hair! Its so you!
Also you are so right about shopping with kids. When we take all the girls to the mall I get a million questions and Kylah has started answerign some. lol...... Shes our family Kaitlyn and Andrew won't shop with us anymore because they say they feel like they are on display with all the girls in tow.