Sunday, January 11, 2009

Spotlight Sunday~~Sage

I know that I am bad about including things about all the kids at times, so I am going to attempt on Sundays to spotlight one of the children. Hopefully with my new blogging challenge to myself, it will happen more than Sundays, but here is a start.

Who is Chinese? (and please no comments about me ruining my children by pointing out if anyone is chinese or not. Some of us are chinese, some are not, it is the truth. ;0) )

Yesterday we were sitting around at dinner and something was said about Chinese. Here was our conversation..

Me: Sage, who is Chinese?

Sage: Mavery is Chinese.

Me: Is Sage chinese?

Sage: No, but ChenYiMae is. (this is her middle name)

Me: Who is ChenYiMae?

Sage: Mavery is.


Me: Sage, does anyone in this house look like Mavery does?

Sage: Looks around, "No, no one does" And then goes right on eating.

I wish you could have a conversation with my Sage, it is a treat for sure!

I have to get her favorite music video up soon, it is the cutest thing ever. Oh and she is learning the books of the bible, hearing her say Deuteronomy is hilarious! Go Ms Danielle! You are doing an amazing job with her in Sunday School!


Danielle said...

Ms. Sage is so much fun in Sunday School and is doing great learning the books of the Bible. Ecclesiastes is fun to say as well! We have missed her in Sunday School and hope to see her soon.

Ms. Danielle

Mom to my China Posse said...

Thats to fuuny. Everyone of my girls have went thru a spell where they thought that their sisters were Chinese but they weren't. I think "Chinese" represents to them (when they were Sage's age) a place or a food instead of their ethnic background. The older they get the more they understand.

annaliese said...

love it!!! great pictures, too :)

evie hugged a baby at the gym the other day and said 'this is my baby sister'--and as I looked at the very blond haired, blue eyed baby, i realized she doesn't see why anyone wouldn't believe her. I worry about the identity thing sometimes, but rejoice in the acceptance of diversity within a family that adoption has brought to our children.

Anonymous said...

Sage~You are an amazing little girl with an ubelievable amount of energy!!! I have loved watching you grow and I am SOOOO glad that your FOREVER family is here where we can enjoy your wonderful spirit!!! God has a perfect plan for your life and I am blessed to be a small part of it!! I love you!!!