Friday, January 02, 2009

Mavery made it through pre-testing

Thank goodness, Mavery really did AMAZING today for all the tests. I could not believe they had us scheduled for 11:00, seemed a right at lunch time appointment. And if you know Mavery, you know she likes to eat, ON TIME. And of course it was almost noon by the time they called us back. I think she had them worried when they tried to weigh her and she was already telling them no. They took us to the room and started putting the stickers all over her body (i can't remember what is what but you know where the little wires are all hanging off of you, along with using the ultrasound machine) and she started screaming no, till Mark pulled out the supersize bag of mini m&m's. She sat and let him feed those to her while I held her and honestly barely made a peep. A girl and her chocolate! Funny, the tech was a guy Mark graduated with. Who supplied us with tons of stickers for the kids at home so no one would be left out! After those tests the nurse walked us through what would happen on Monday. Basically they are not sure what they will need to do, till they are in there with the cath. Possibly enlarge the artery with a balloon, possibly a stint will be needed to keep it widened.
Next we had to do a chest xray. She was not excited about that, but the promise of lunch (this was by now after 2pm) and a soda, helped get it done.
The nurse, who stayed with us the entire time, just kept saying over and over, she is amazing! And of course, we know she is amazing. The more we read and learn about her heart condition, the more amazed I am that she is here and doing so well. She was not taken to see a doctor till she was 5 months old, that is when they found her TOF. Much later than it would have been found here. The nurse did say, this may have to be done more than once. (heart cath) But after talking to her today I felt better about the whole process. It is amazing to me what they can do through a tiny little tube. She was telling us how where they insert it will be a little sore but heals quickly. Both Mark and I laughed because we know that Mavery will milk it for a LONG time! Anytime we correct her, she points to any owie she can come up with. Typically her toes. Her pinkie toes have some nail issues. That only flair up when she has been told no!
We have to be at the hospital at 7:00AM on Monday. They will give her something to make her loopy before they take her from me, or before they do a thing. Which makes me feel better. I know she would not leave me willingly and I hate to put her through any thing. The nurse claims that the drugs they give they remember nothing about any of it, not even leaving me, or waking up etc... They will start the cath by 8:30 and she will be back there 2-3 hours. She said we will be in the cath lab recovery till 7pm, then they will decide if we can go home or stay. Of course I hope to come home and yet I know I will feel better with a nurse close by for awhile.
One thing that I was reminded of today is that though I do NOT want to be at the hospital and I do not want Mavery to go through this, we have been able to share our adoption story with so many. I hope that I can use this time not to worry and stress, but to share the amazing things that the Lord has done already in her life and in ours. Mavery is a gift from Him. He has allowed me the privilege to parent her and to hold her through this time. I am so thankful that she is here, home, mine. I am so thankful that she walks into a hospital and amazes nurses and technicians. I am so thankful for a husband who said yes to adoption!
Oh and there was no chinese translator, but the nurse said she did not think there was a need, as I had told them it might not help. Mavery can understand just about anything you say to her. The fact that I said, lay down and let them take a picture of your chest and we will go get a soda, and she said ok, proves we are communicating just fine!
Thanks again for walking with us through this time. Happy Weekend!


Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Keeping sweet Mavery in our prayers!!!


Nancy said...

I will definitly pray for Mavery. You are truly blessed.


Danielle said...

Will be praying for Ms. Mavery and the whole family.

Anonymous said...

Of course she is amazing - she is a Laxton! We love her and will be keeping her in our prayers!