Saturday, January 31, 2009

Moments that took my breathe away

  • Being terrified for the last month that God had brought Mavery home to us, for just a little while.
  • Watching them carry her away from me, and her letting them.
  • The doctor telling us that surgery was over but that things were not fixed.
  • The doctors face when he told us that they were taking her back into surgery.
  • The peace that washed over me during our pastors prayer while she was back in.
  • Seeing the doctor walk back in and tell us she was ok.
  • Seeing her after 8 hours of being away from her.
  • Watching her and feeling her pain.
  • Every time a doctor or nurse mentioned how scary things were for awhile, after surgery, hearing them talk about how big the aneurysm really was, and knowing she is our miracle.
  • The notes, the prayers, the food, the gifts, the food for my kids at home, everyone who has helped and the love we felt.
  • Hearing Mavery say, ow mama, it hurts and not being able to fix it.
  • Seeing her daddy stay in the hospital the entire time with us and not even want to leave.
  • Feeling the pain of others in that hospital this week.
  • Hearing her talk to Sage for the first time.
  • Hearing her say Home mama, home, over and over. And thinking of how thankful I am that God brought her home.
  • Watching her run into her Grandpas arms once home saying I love you Papa and him running just as fast to her.
  • Knowing that this moment is just as big as her first homecoming and praising God for allowing her to be mine.
  • Watching her sleep in her own crib.
  • Changing her bandage tonight and praying that God would just heal her little heart.
  • Thinking of all that God has done this week, and all that I know He is going to do with Mavery.


Anonymous said...

So well said Shannon - she is certainly "our little miracle" and we love her so much! God has truly blessed this family! Ya gotta love those "lips" don't ya!

Aunt Bubby

Finally a Family of Four said...

I second the first post, so well said. The Laxton's have been thru a lot with little Mavery and the power of prayer and faith has been so prominant. I will keep the prayers going.

Petrie said...

Shannon, Thank you for sharing your breathless moments. Our daughter will be going in for surgery soon, and knowing other moms out there have been blessed with the peace that surpasses all understanding is so encouraging. I'm praising Him along with you for Mavery's health. Love, Petrie